29 March 2021

Watch: Leading with Mindfulness, Your Innovation Growth Model

Martin Zalewski, Managing Director, Europe Business Leader

The COVID pandemic, social movements, shift to remote working and changes in customer expectations have highlighted the importance of a “Connected Human Experience.” Leaders are seizing the moment to re-frame the ‘old,’ while empowering change. 

This Masterclass, led by Marty Zalewski, Managing Director, Europe was featured at the 2020 Web Summit. We invite you to sit back and learn how to combine principles of mindfulness, design, and purposeful technology to supercharge growth. Imagine the possibilities when your business is connected and acting with empathy. See how to create impactful outcomes by giving people the experiences they crave. 

Interested in diving deeper? Click through to read the blog on ways to connect the principles of mindfulness to leadership and innovation.

Web Summit Masterclass